2022 - In Search of the Northern Lights

Our cruise to Norway on M/S Borealis in February 2022
Picturesque Ålesund, Norway
Borealis berthed in Ålesund, Norway
Borealis in Ålesund
Torghatten, the "mountain with the hole through it" in the fjords of Norway.
Torghatten, or "Hat Mountain", Norway
Cruising the beautiful Arctic fjords in winter.
The "Seven Sisters" mountain range against a crisp winter sun.
The monument that marks the Arctic Circle at 66° 33' north.
Crossing the Arctic Circle.
M/S Borealis cruises slowly into port in Tromsø, Norway.
The Arctic Cathedral in Tromsø.
Arctic Cathedral
Tromsø, Norway
Tromsø, Norway
Tromsø, Norway