Gorgeous Galapagos

Our visit to Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands in October 2017.
Virgin with Wings at El Panecillo, Quito.
View of Quito from El Panecillo.
Standing astride the Equator. Trevor in the northern hemisphere and Debbie in the southern hemisphere. :-)
Lava lizard on Santiago (James) Island.
Marine iguana, Santiago island.
Galapagos sea lion, Santiago Island.
Galapagos sea lions on Santiago, with the Xpedition at anchor in the distance.
Trevor with some Galapagos sea lions in the background, Santiago island.
Young sea lions.
The Zodiac landing craft - our means of getting ashore from the Xpedition.
Each Zodiac carried 16 passengers, 1 driver and 1 guide.
Blue footed booby, Rabida island.
Galapagos penguin at Tagus Cove, Isabella Island. Galapagos penguins are the most northerly species, being found on the Equator.
Darwin's Lake, Isabela Island. This is situated up the volcanic tuff cone.
Zodiac beach landing, Santa Cruz island.
Gorgeous rugged scenery, Santa Cruz island.
The rugged beauty of the unspoilt Galapagos islands.
Santa Cruz island - perfect for hiking swimming, snorkelling and looking for wildlife. The Xpedition can only just be seen in the distance, top right.
Brown pelican and Sally Lightfoot crabs, Santa Cruz.
Galapagos sea lion, Santa Cruz.