German Waterways

Our cruise on M/S Balmoral in August 2017.
M/S Balmoral in August 2017.
Fantastic sunset on the way to Kiel.
George Seagull :-)
Picturesque Kiel, on the Baltic side of the canal.
Naval Memorial Tower, Laboe, Baltic Coast.
The walls inside the museum were covered with silhouettes of all the ships and submarines lost in both world wars. This is only a small sample.
WW2 U-boat number U995.
Some of the international naval tributes to the fallen.
Anchor-shaped floral tribute in the Hall of Remembrance.
Stained glass window depicting sailors.
View of the Hall of Remembrance from the top of the 85 metre tower.
View of the Baltic coastline from the top of Laboe tower.
Another superb view of the Baltic and the countryside in Laboe.
"Still on Patrol". A moving dedication to the lost US Navy submariners in WW2.
Scenic riverboat cruising on our way to Lübeck.
Scenic Northern Germany.