The Colours of Nepal

Our tour of Nepal in June 2018
The ever-watching eyes of Buddha at the ancient religious complex of Swayambhunath.
The "pool of peace" at Swayambhunath.
Statue of Buddha in front of a typical Nepalese building.
The stupa at Swayambhunath, Patan, with its many pagodas and temples.
View over the Kathmandu valley, from the Swayambhunath temple.
Another one of the incredible temples at Swayambhunath. All around we could hear the tinkling of many small bells and smell the evocative scent of incense.
The temple is also called the "Monkey Temple" because of the numerous wild macaques that live and roam around the grounds. This one has a little baby clinging…
Worshipers would ring all of the bells as well as intoning prayers and lighting candles.
The stupa at Boudhanath, Patan. The small squares of 'bunting' are actually prayer cloths.
The square around the temple at Boudhanath.
Another view of the stupa at Boudhanath. The eyes of Buddha looked in all four directions on the faces of the stupa.
One of the many beautiful temples, in the Newari architecture, you will see in Nepal.
Temple near Boudhanath.
Gilded statue at the Bhimsen Temple at Lalitpur.
Another of the beautiful gilded statues guarding the doorways at the Bhimsen Temple at Lalitpur.
Wooden carvings of deities at the Bhimsen Temple at Lalitpur.
The detail in the carvings was amazing.
Wooden and brass water-spout at the Bhimsen Temple.
Mythological creatures guard the doorways at the Bhimsen Temple.
Elephants and prayer wheels.